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A Demonic Dark Fantasy Trilogy...

It was to be a story of comradery and companionship. A tale of finding one’s place and purpose in a dark, medieval world. But it wasn’t meant to last. A group of warriors, friends across countless battles, and a woman, vowing to never let herself be weakened by the presence of others, are forced to watch as the rules and limits of their world are shattered by forces far beyond their own comprehension. Monsters and demons, no longer myths, trap them in a living Hell devoid of hope of survival or escape. Their only salvation lies in their ability to fight, but can they survive without losing what makes them human?

Stories, however, often have two sides...

Rosaria, a denizen of Hell, is doomed to be crushed and trampled by her inhuman kin. Determined to never feel pain again, she becomes that which she so despised in the name of strength. When a young half demon manages to unite Hell, she is faced with a choice: steal his power and rule over The Demon World, or mend the mistakes of her past, even if it returns the pain she so desperately wanted to escape from. A tale of guilt and redemption, Severed asks what it means to be a monster, and if someone can ever change despite a blood-soaked and vengeful past.

Part I: The Festival

The first installment of the Severed trilogy, this prelude novel focuses on the humans of the story, leading up to their meetings with the demons and the massacre that follows. Featuring art by Madison Hoffman and Christian Mora.

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Part II: Inferno

The introduction of the demon characters, part II follows Rosaria, a Succubus desperate for power and Solus, a young half demon trying to unite the Demon World. Full of rich characters and pressing questions of morality, Inferno is the beating heart of the Severed trilogy.

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Part III: Inner Demons

In Severed's grand finale, the consequences of Rosaria's actions have finally caught up with her, leaving Solus, the only being keeping the Demon World from falling into complete anarchy, on death's door. Time is running out, and with every demon setting their eyes on her, Rosaria has to scramble to find a way to save Solus' life, even if that means giving up her own.

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The Severed trilogy is available on Amazon in both ebook and paperback formats:

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